Anna Quick

Set Photos and Videos!

ATB Bank Commercial: BATTLE OF ALBERTA ~ GAME ON! 2013

Above: Director Mark Mainguy

Left: Mark Giordano Calgary Flames

Right: Jordan Eberle, Edmonton Oilers

 This commercial was so much fun to shoot! It was also a great way to give to charity. ATB BANK was so generous! There was a site set up for online voting, the winner's charity got $10 000 and the other got $5 000 from ATB BANK!


Travel Alberta Commercial Shoot: REMEMBER TO BREATHE 2013


Photo Thanks ©John Novotny


Photo Thanks ©John Novotny

Photo Thanks ©John Novotny


It was so hot that day and we had to walk through all kinds of stuff...mud, tall grass with snakes, water...The crew was so amazing and I had so much fun! You can watch here




 PET ER Shoot (aka Save my Pet): PUMPKIN EPISODE 2011



I hurt my ankle running but it was fine